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Millennia TD-1 Twin Topology Half Rack Channel Strip

A compact analog channel strip
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format_quote A compact analog channel strip for microphones, electric guitars and basses, acoustic instrument transducers, keyboards, DAWs, and all MIDI systems.

Millennia TD-1:
Tube or Solid-state preamp
Patented REAMP Outputs and Speaker Soak Technology
Discrete circuitry with Parametric EQ and Wide Variety of I/O

When it comes to that hard-to describe the “air,” concept nothing can come close to the TD-1 - it sounds as if the world’s best EQ was used to boost just the right frequencies to really open up both the source and the room sound.


- Four distinct inputs can be optimized for any source
- Instruments – Twin Topology® DI channel; dual-triode 12AT7 vacuum tube or discrete FET solid state
- Microphones – discrete solid state HV-3 microphone preamplifier
- DAW or tape outputs – Discrete solid state line level amplifier
- Guitar power amp inputs – Speaker Soak™ technology
- Powerful yet musical tonal shading
- Two bands of mastering-grade NSEQ-2 parametric EQ; 20 Hz to 20 kHz center frequency, 0.4 to 4.0 Q
- Optimized DI input for any instrument with variable 470 k / 2 M / 10 M impedance
- Nine outputs for unlimited functionality
- Patented Re-Amp outputs with custom-designed magnetics emulate - Les Paul® and Strat® pickups
- Audiophile headphone output
- Balanced and unbalanced monolithic outputs
- Balanced and unbalanced discrete FET outputs
- Microphone level output with large-geometry DIT-01 transformer: -3 dB 3 Hz – 300 kHz
- Effortlessly musical performance at all dynamic levels
- Input headroom >100 V, output headroom > 30 V
- 100% effective hum removal with numerous ground lifts & isolations
- Built for critical professional applications
- Ultra-clean toroid power supply: internal sub-chassis
- Gold connectors, OFC audio wiring, silver Teflon power wiring

Serial Nr. #TD-1017 Rev C2

Excellent working condition, good visual condition. PSU operates on 120-240V, depending on the fuse installed. (100-120V use 2 ea 1.0A 250V slow blow / 200-240V use 2 ea 0.5A 250V slow blow)
Currently set to 240V operation. EU power cord included.
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