Neve Custom Series 75 24-Channel Analog Mixing Console
Manley Nu Mu Stereo Limiter Compressor
AEA KU5 Active Ribbon Microphone
Audeze Reference Headphones
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TUOMO | Retrosonic Pro Audio Live Sessions
Blending jazz, soul, hip hop and experimental electronic music, Tuomo Prättälä's solo project TUOMO performed live at Retrosonic Pro Audio Live Sessions with Teppo Mäkynen (drums) and Tapio Backlund (bass). We've included the complete input list in the video description for audio engineers interested in the equipment, mics, preamps, and more used in the session.
TUOMO | Retrosonic Pro Audio Live Sessions
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Vintage Neumann U47 vs Flea 47 Tube Microphones | Retrosonic Pro Audio
Jason Hunter – Vitamin Free (Retrosonic Pro Audio Live Sessions)
Kelly Vask - Cold/Golden (Retrosonic Pro Audio Live Sessions)
Jason Hunter - Peacekeeper (Retrosonic Pro Audio Live Sessions)
Avoid Dave - Little Longer (Retrosonic Pro Audio Live Sessions)
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