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Manley Nu Mu Stereo Limiter Compressor
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TUOMO | Retrosonic Pro Audio Live Sessions
TUOMO is the constantly evolving solo project of Tuomo Prättälä, Helsinki-based singer and keyboard player who draws inspiration from a wide array of sources – jazz, soul, hiphop and experimental electronic music. In this studio live concert he performs trio with the tighter-than-life grooves of Teppo Mäkynen (drums) and Tapio Backlund (bass), leaving plenty of space for rhythmic and sonic exploration. The audio is recorded by multi-award winning recording, mixing and mastering engineer Tommi "Master Fader" Vainikainen.
Manley Vari MU Mastering Stereo Compressor Demo | Retrosonic Pro Audio
TUOMO | Retrosonic Pro Audio Live Sessions
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Vintage Neumann U47 vs Flea 47 Tube Microphones | Retrosonic Pro Audio
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Kelly Vask - Cold/Golden (Retrosonic Pro Audio Live Sessions)
Jason Hunter - Peacekeeper (Retrosonic Pro Audio Live Sessions)
Avoid Dave - Little Longer (Retrosonic Pro Audio Live Sessions)
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