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Vintage Neumann U47 vs Flea 47 Tube Microphones | Retrosonic Pro Audio
This is a Retrosonic Pro Audio demonstration video of two legendary vintage Neumann / Telefunken U47 tube microphones and their modern replicas by highly praised Flea microphones.

We had a great chance to test the differences and similarities of two vintage Telefunken / Neumann U47 tube microphones, one with original K47 capsule and another with original M7 capsule, and two brand new 47 replicas made by Flea microphones in Slovakia with corresponding F47 and F7 capsules.

Join us on this sonic journey with the lovely Triin Metshein on vocals and feel free to let us know in the comments below which of the four mics is your favourite and why.


Telefunken / Neumann U47 with original K47 capsule
Telefunken / Neumann U47 with original M7 capsule
FLEA 47 with F47 capsule
FLEA 47 Long Body with F7 capsule

Microphone preamplifier: Grace Design m802
Audio interface: Lynx Aurora 16 HDX
Pro Tools session: 96 kHz / 24 bit
Headphones: Audeze LCD-XC Creator Edition –

Music: Triin Metshein - The Sea Will Sing To Me

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