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We respect old vintage analog equipment and modern technology in a hybrid modern way


It started in 1977. At that time professional studio recording equipment was not as accessible as it is today. Back then one would be happy to find a single decent microphone to buy. The first mic in the locker was a Shure 565 vocal mic as the overall mic for everything. Naturally, trading of the audio recording equipment started in the early 80s with an aspiration to produce better sound after noticing the difference between semi-professional and professional products.

With all these choices it can be a challenge to choose the right gear. We try to help with that.

Nowadays the world is full of possibilities to find the right tools for the job and it is as important as ever to use your ears and creativity. The beauty of this situation is that you can combine everything and there is a lot of room for creativity. With all these choices it can be a challenge to choose the right gear. We try to help with that. We are carefully choosing and curating great vintage and used high quality equipment that will get you to the next level or add individuality to your sound signature.


Vinyl vs MP3


We believe, that the same person can be a vinyl collector and still use mp3-s and Spotify, but when it's a matter of quality one usually goes back to the older formats. That applies to the audio equipment in the recording industry in a good hybrid combination of vintage and new.

Our core value is being ecologically and environmentally responsible. We believe that good electronic equipment is not to be wasted and trashed, but rather serviced and used. Almost all the vintage equipment has higher quality components, unmatched sound and unique character. It is important to keep the in the business, otherwise it's soon only screens and plugins. For someone who has space willingness and funds, we're here to offer you the original real thing.



Retrosonic Pro Audio


We are not a traditional department store but a small and focused business with special prices and plenty of surprises from the vintage analog world. All of this is possible because of our international contact base.

Our experienced staff in Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn and Riga is ready to be your local servants, visit your studio, meet you personally and hear about your needs and give you good ideas for better and maximum results.

The centrepiece of our operation, Retrosonic Pro Audio recording studio and demo facility is located in the heart of Tallinn, Estonia in Tallinn's biggest creative hub called Kultuurikatel. We are tightly knit in the local community and we enjoy bringing it more together by organising and hosting a variety of audio workshops and meet-ups in cooperation with various top tier producers, engineers and teachers of the audio world.

If you are planning to reform or upgrade your studio or recording space, we are here to help you choose the right products for your today's needs. We are also open for trade-ins, feel free to ask us for a quote!


Studio projects – it all starts with a room


We can provide complete studio projects, studio equipping projects or packages including acoustic constructions, design and project management – from acoustically treated studio spaces and performance rooms in music schools and other acoustic spaces to anything that needs good acoustics and knowledge of professional recording equipment.

If you have any questions of specific inquiries, feel free to contact us. We are here to help and provide the best possible serivce with your best interests and requirements and wishes in mind!