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Event Electronics

The Event story starts almost twenty years ago alongside the 'project studio' boom of the late 1980s and into the early 1990s. Russell Palmer, a former executive at Alesis, who's ADAT system was an instrumental factor in the empowering of artists at that time, identified the market need for a relatively low cost, high performance studio monitoring system and thus Event Electronics was born.

Fast forward to 2006, the development process of Project Opal began with the decision to design absolutely every component of the speaker — the woofer, tweeter, amplifiers, and cabinet — from scratch. Every component was to be custom and proprietary, engineered to work in complete synergy with every other component.


Marcelo Vercelli and the Event engineering team worked tirelessly, employing fundamental acoustic theory combined with innovative and disruptive technology, and an absolutely no-compromise approach to engineering. Finally after three years and several millions of dollars of research and engineering, Event's vision has once again been realised with the Opal.


The Event Opal features a dynamic and extended mid-range that could previously only be expected from the most expensive esoteric three-way systems, while its powerful and precise bass response has many engineers looking around the room for a larger subwoofer. Its response is entirely seamless and transparent throughout the entire frequency range, and it exhibits the lowest distortion of any speaker on the market.


Source: Event Electronics

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