AEA R44CXE Passive Ribbon Microphone
AEA R44CXE Passive Ribbon Microphone

AEA R44CXE Passive Ribbon Microphone

Passive Ribbon Microphone
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The AEA R44CXE is an affordable version of the R44CX high-output ribbon microphone derived from the classic RCA 44 original.


- Unparalleled warmth and legendary character
- Full and rich tonality with generous low end and proximity effect
- Faithful reproduction of the RCA R44BX. Ribbon material meets or exceeds original RCA spec.
- Economy exterior R44CE exhibits same, classic sound
- Active A440 upgrade has 18dB level increase and is optimized for all preamps
- Made in the U.S.A.

Whether it was the smooth brass section of the soundtrack of a classic Hollywood film, the velvety lushness of a jazz vocal or the larger-than-life drum sound of a classic rock recording, chances are an RCA 44-series ribbon microphone was used in the studio when the sound was created.

In use for more than 80 years in recording and broadcast studios throughout the world, the RCA 44 ribbon design is as rich in history as it is in sound and character. This instantly recognizable sound produces thunderous lows due to the strong proximity effect, full and rich midrange and a unique top end taking the edge off of harsh instruments.


The AEA R44 maintains an iconic legacy of great ribbon mics by delivering a rich sound full of character and color.

Effective on a broad range of instruments and rooms, the R44 bolsters mids and lows while smoothing harsh high frequencies to produce a multi-dimensional sound unlike that of any microphone the world over.

Used on everything from crooning vocalists to full orchestras, the R44 is the ideal choice to capture the tone of any voice or instrument while imparting its legendary ribbon character.

By using lighter, cheaper materials for the AEA R44CXE casing, but keeping the same internals and superb sound quality of the R44CX, AEA has created an excellent opportunity for those equipping their studio on a tight budget.

Designed to project the sound with slightly more presence than the R44, the R44CXE combines all the know-how that decades of modifying and repairing RCA originals at AEA can bring. That warm, wide smooth sound that ribbon microphones are fabled for, the subtle but marked tonal variety you can obtain with slight positional changes - the sheer musicality of their sound, are all there in the AEA R44CXE.

Keeping the flame of ribbon microphone technology burning fiercely has been the mission of Audio Engineering Associates since they started - by developing the AEA R44CXE they are giving you the chance to understand what makes them so special.

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