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AEA R84 Passive Ribbon Microphone

Warm, smooth and detailed classic sounding ribbon mic
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format_quote R84 series ribbon microphones deliver the classic tonality of the legendary R44, with extended top-end and reduced proximity effect for mid-range and close-range recording. The R84A is an active version of the passive R84 that allows compatibility with a wider range of preamplifiers.


- Warm, smooth and detailed classic ribbon sound
- Full and rich tonality with generous highs and lows
- Sonically similar to the legendary R44 Series, with less proximity effect
- Versatile in close-range or ambient applications
- Active R84A version has 12dB level increase and is optimized for all preamps
- Made in the U.S.A.

The R84 series’ balanced and manageable proximity effect bolsters the low-end of vocals, drums, and brass, from just feet away. A ribbon mic as multi-purpose, lightweight, and maneuverable as the R84 is well-suited for both close-range and ambient mic applications.

The R84A retains the same sonic character of the R84 but offers an additional 12dB of output and a stable impedance that allows flexibility when recording quiet sources through any preamp.

R84 series ribbon mics are a staple in numerous recording studios because of a unique tonality and classic sound. The smooth, high-frequency roll-off and reduced sibilance of the R84 make it the first choice for engineers when tracking vocals or other instruments that often sound harsh when recorded with condenser mics.

The R84’s accentuated mid-range captures the unique qualities of many instruments with detailed elegance. Its remarkable low-end response is perfect for adding heft to the sound of drum kits or otherwise thin vocals. R84 series mics perform well on practically any voice or musical instrument, making them highly useful in recording and broadcast studios.
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