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Golden Age Project Comp-54 Compressor 1pc in rack shelf

Vintage style compressor with flexible controls
SKU: K_2043
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format_quote The COMP-54 is a vintage style Compressor with balanced I/O and discrete components in the signal path. The class-A circuit used in the COMP-54 is similar to the one in the classic 2254 compressor that was designed in 1969. It has a unique sound character that is warm, smooth, sweet and musical works very well on most sources and most musical genres.

The controls in the COMP-54 are very flexible covering broad ranges of Ratio, Attack and Release times, including two Auto positions. All controls except the Gain make-up one are stepped for easy resetting and stereo matching.
There are three selectable sidechain high pass filter frequencies available to handle special situations.

The Bypass switch is a true bypass where a relay switches the complete circuitry in or out. The IN/OUT switch makes it possible to switch the compression on and off while retaining the coloring from the transformers and the electronic circuitry.

The meter can show output level or gain reduction. It is also possible to link two units for stereo operation.

This unit works on 24V AC power. EU power adaptor included.
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