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Studer 961 10/2 Analog Mixing Console

A compact mixing console
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format_quote STUDER 961 is a compact, space-saving, professional mixing console utilizing most advanced circuit technology.
It is ideal for tracking, mixing, summing, and flexibly adaptable to different requirements.

The compact design with 30 mm module width and the flexibility afforded by a wide selection of high-quality plug-in units provides a remarkable range of features which allows each console to be tailored to the customer's requirements and production methods.

Studer 961 is made with very high quality components for the best sound. The equaliser is very "musical": it allows changing the frequency response without coloration of the sound. The reliability of the Studer 961 makes it a perfect tool for any recording or broadcast application as well.

To eliminate unnecessary audio paths and increase reliability, field-effect transistors are used as switching elements in all critical signal paths.
A newly developed microphone input - a combination of zero-ohm transformer input with transformer-based negative series feedback - combines the advantages of a balanced and floating tansformer input with the excellent specificatons of a transformerless input.

Each one of the 10 channel strips consists of:
- a mic/line preamp
- high pass filter
- a switchable three band EQ with two shelves and a bell
- two aux sends
- pan and fader, as well as a pfl option

Master section with zero-ohm amplifier and electronic balancing. Linear
fader. Possibility of inserting the limiter before the output amplifier. Output is balanced and floating.

Monitor unit for activating the control room speakers and the headphones; with integrated key pad for controlling the studio lights.
- 9 monitoring sources selectable.
- Balance correction facility.
- Output meters switchable to monitor outputs.
- Automatic pre-listening switch-over for speakers and headphones.
- Complete signalization for red, green, and yellow light.

The console has had a full re-cap:
- Faders cleaned and serviced.
- Potentiometers cleaned and lubricated
- Fully tested.
- Replaced all the RIFA (Run! Fire AHEAD) filter caps in the powersupply.

Capacitors used:
Panasonic EEUFR1E101 332pcs
Nichicon UPW2E221MRD 5pcs
Panasonic EEUFC1J101B 4pcs
Nichicon UPS1E222MHD 6pcs
Nichicon UVZ1E102MPD 8pcs
Nichicon UPW1E221MPD 30pcs
Panasonic EEUFC1J220 4pcs
Nichicon UPW1C471MPD6 1pcs
Nichicon UPW1J221MPD 2pcs
RIFA X caps replaced with Kemet Y class caps.

Excellent working condition, good visual condition. PSU operates on 110-220V, depending on the fuse installed. Currently set to 220V operation. EU power cord included.
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