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Tegeler Audio Creme RC Bus Compressor and Mastering Equalizer

Pultec-style EQ Pultec combined with a high-end bus compressor
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format_quote Tegeler Audio Crème RC Bus Compressor/Mastering Equalizer, tis the revitalised version of the Schwerkraftmaschine - the same stereo mastering EQ/compressor with a remote control function added.

The Crème RC Bus is a perfect unit for the stereo bus, the passive eq to make the finishing touches and the compressor to add some loudness.

The compressor:
- Lowcut filter: 60 - 120 Hz
- Attack: 0.1; 0.3; 1; 3; 10; 30 ms
- Release: 100 ms; 300 ms; 600 ms; 1.2s; Auto
- Ratio: 1.5; 2; 4; 10
- Stepped Potentiometers
- Frequency response: 20 - 40 kHz ±1.5 dB

The EQ:
- Passive EQ (Pultec style)
- Bass boost frequencies: 20-30-60-100+140+200 Hz
- Bass boost level: 0-5 dB switchable
- High boost frequencies: 10-12-16-18-20-24 kHz
- High boost level: 0-5 dB switchable

- Stereo processing
- EQ switchable before and after the compressor
- Lowcut filter in side chain
- Balanced inputs and outputs
- Internal power supply with toroidal transformer
- Height: 88.4 mm (2U), width: 483 mm, depth: 250 mm

Serial No. #TAM0305635

Excellent working condition, good visual condition. PSU operates on 100-220V, depending on the fuse installed. Currently set to 220V operation. EU power cord included.
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