Van Daal G9 Tube Mic/Line Preamp
Van Daal G9 Tube Mic/Line Preamp
Van Daal G9 Tube Mic/Line Preamp
Van Daal G9 Tube Mic/Line Preamp
Van Daal G9 Tube Mic/Line Preamp
Van Daal G9 Tube Mic/Line Preamp
Van Daal G9 Tube Mic/Line Preamp
Van Daal G9 Tube Mic/Line Preamp
Van Daal G9 Tube Mic/Line Preamp
Van Daal G9 Tube Mic/Line Preamp
Van Daal G9 Tube Mic/Line Preamp
Van Daal G9 Tube Mic/Line Preamp

Van Daal G9 Tube Mic/Line Preamp

Two channel tube mic/line preamp
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This is Van Daal´s take on the G9 full tube mic/line preamp. Variable gain input tube that drives tube SRPP output stage. With input and output transformers.

Introducing Van Daal's take on the 2-channel fully tube preamp for audio recording enthusiasts and studios! Elevate your studio experience with rich, warm tones and professional-grade sound. Perfect for both studios and home setups, this 2U 19" rack-sized gem brings unparalleled audio quality to your fingertips. Unleash the power of precision and passion in your recordings – because every note deserves perfection. Upgrade to excellence; upgrade to our Tube Preamp today.

Brand new hand built G9 tube preamp in 2U 19" rack by Van Daal Electronics.

This unit has been redesigned from the legendary G9 tube preamp. Two channels are laid out on separate identical boards.

Added functions:

- Bypass position added to the Line/Mic switch
- Extra low cut positions
- New PSU design
- New channel PCB layouts
- Case has a separation wall between the PSU and preamp, this blocks powertransformer radiation reaching signal
- Low noisefloor compared to any other G9 clone


OEP in and OEP out with mu-metal shielding. OEP transformers deliver improved linearity, more low and top end compared to lundahls. We have tested and measured it side by side extensively in curvetracking and listening environments. Many recording studios agree with our findings.

Custom made metal enclosure. Powderpainted and screenprinted.

Relay driven true-bypass.

We have ѕelected 2 different tubes for this unit. Shortplate JJ 12AU7 or longplate JJ 12AU7. Tubes play a big roll in the character. I encourage to test different 12AU7 tubes by different makers also NOS. They will all sound similar, but different. Test and find your favourite.

I will install a shortplate or longplate, lets discuss which you prefer. Shortplate sounds bright, longplate is more balanced. Character is the same, but strings will love the shortplate. Vocals usually prefer longplate.

Feedback from customers:

Sudu Mixing and Mastering Studio:

"Sounds amazing on pretty much anything, adds warmth and makes the top end more open."

Funki Factory Studio:

"Funki Factory studio has over 50 preamps to choose from. But lately we´ve been using the GiX tube amplifier built by VanDaal at least as diligently as the 1073. While testing different tubes, we´ve stuck with NOS Mullard tubes, which give an even frequency characteristic over the entire spectrum, while adding a nice harmonic distortion to the overall sound. The preamp also has a line input and an instrument input, making this unit exceptionally versatile. We use the GIX not only as a microphone preamplifier and a DI box, but also as a line amplifier and a distortion box in parallel processing. One of the best buys this year!"

Unit is built for 230VAC grid. We don't currently have a known good power transformer available for 115VAC.

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